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The Farmhouse Craft show started out at my home in Richboro in 1985. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had to quit my job as a cashier at a local grocery store. To help pay some bills we would clear my Dining room & Living room of furniture and set up tables to display my homemade crafts for sale to family and friends. Year after year my friends would bring their friends and the set-up would get bigger and bigger. I had to get other crafters involved to have enough items to sell. We eventually outgrew the house and had to find a place to continue our newfound business. Three D Crafts was born in 1996. We have been holding our craft show at the Farmhouse in Tamanend Park semi-annually since then.

We are a unique set up, in a 18 century Farmhouse. Boutique like set up, well attended. You drop off your items, set up and we sell them for a week. Then you pick up your items , and your check is mailed to you. Crafters apply at crafter application on page. You will be notified if accepted and details.



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